Summer Almost Gone

Dear Lena,

Summer has slipped by with so much force I don’t even know what we did. We planted a garden at MeMaw and Papa’s so were there every weekend. Mutti and Vati graduated and I entered my graduate program. You had many field trips with your class. You had a great summer for sure! Now it is September…almost the END of September. You start your second year at your fantastic Schule on Thursday. I cannot believe how much you’ve grown.

On Sunday we went to the coast with Vati and Bobo. They were set to do a dive so we thought it would be fun to make the trip after your dance class. We got there and dropped Vati and Bobo off at their dive spot then headed up the road a bit to the beach access where we had decided we would play. The sky had become gray, it was slightly drizzly, but the air was warm and we were pumped. We walked the short distance from the nearly empty parking lot to the ocean front. There was a little boy there playing with his dog Max and his mom. You took to him instantly, helping him build tunnels in the sand. You loved Max, laughing hysterically watching him dig holes and chase drift wood. I coaxed you away from your tunnel building to put our feet in the ocean. We were taken by surprise by a bigger wave then Mutti had anticipated but we laughed and ran back to our tunnels and chatting with Max’s people.

Max’s mom (a very nice lady) suddenly looked up and said “You might want to head back to your car now”. I laughed and looked at the sky that looked like the same drizzle we had been experiencing the whole time. She called Max back from retrieving a stick and told her son to run to the car. Sure enough just as they started back the sky opened up and we were drenched to our underwear in less than two strides.

We spent ten minutes at the beach that day. Ten glorious minutes! It was a very good thing we kept forgetting to drop off those library books that were still in the car.

Washing Autos with Papa

River Rat!

An important date.

Baby Barrie from Abba.

Dance Class!

10 minute Beach



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One Response to Summer Almost Gone

  1. Jen says:

    We miss you guys! Wow, look at all that hair! She’s beautiful. I’ll text you soon, want to know how the pregnancy is going! 🙂

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