23 + 2

Dear Lena,

You my little love are 23 months and 2 days. I cannot believe you are almost 2. Thursday marks the day that 2 years ago I went into labor with you the first time.  Your Vati and I were excited and scared. We were only 35 weeks and a few days. Not incredibly early, but early. Your Nana and MmGally drove down so they wouldn’t miss your entrance. It was St.Patricks day so Vati was super excited, we walked up and down Park Ave, stopping at Kathleens of Dublin to pick up the cutest little bonnet with a shamrock on the side.

Fortunately you decided to bake a little longer. My labor never really stopped, but you stayed put for another month warm and cozy in your water bed.

When we ask you what you want for your birthday you happily exclaim “Cupcakes”! Mutti was planning on making a cake, but I may just have to make cupcakes for the Birthday Girl.

Mein Madchen.



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One Response to 23 + 2

  1. Melissa says:

    How absolutely beautiful (the picture AND the post)!

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