Sound of Silence

Dear Lena,

There is a copycat. They know who they are. Mutti was annoyed. I am over it. Back to you my lovely.

You speak in beautiful sentences now.

“Mutti is here. Lena is funny. Hi Kahnny-Cakes. Lena loves you. Would you like watch puppy show?”

That last one is my favorite for sure. You have found that if you politely turn your wants into a question aimed at us we have a hard time resisting the cuteness.

“Would you like eat beebo? Would you like go walkine? Would you like go shoppine?”

You are more and more like your Memaw every day. You love tv and shopping. We limit the first but the second is fun because you are an excellent window shopper. You are content walking in and out of stores, passing your free hand (the other is always firmly laced with my hand) along racks of shirts, slacks, dresses, Jacke, scarves. You pick up books, look at them, rearrange a few, then gently place them back where they came from.

You love to build towers with blocks still. You happily stand back so I can snap a picture, then you run quickly over to see the little Lena next to the tall stack of blocks on Muttis phone.

“Lena is here!” you smile while pointing to yourself.

Yes, my Lena, you are here. Of that we are eternally and entirely grateful.


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