Dear Lena,

We went to the zoo for their annual Halloween scavenger hunt. This year it was called Howloween. Clever are those zoo folks. Mutti made your costume again this year, and again Mutti made your costume way to big.

It was kind of hard to see out of that giant Lion head. As was the case last year, most people were wrong in their identification as to what animal you were. Bear was the most common answer. That and Ewok… We met the Tiny Boss and family at the zoo and Tiny Boss was Tiny Boss Vader so that didn’t help with the Ewok calling. Oh well, you were both toooooo cute.

photo by the Tiny Boss Vader's Mama.

My favorite part of our zoo trip was feeding the lorikeets. Mutti was holding the nectar first, so the birds were sitting on my arm. I handed you the cup and you stood nervously as a bird slowly walked down my arm towards yours. At the same moment the bird reached the cup, another bird flew past your head and startled you. The nectar went flying, the bird that was nearly on your arm went flying, our little Lion went from somewhat nervous to scared out of her cute little mind. You didn’t scream or cry, just backed up until you could back up no more all the while shaking your head back and forth. No more Mutti, all done. No more bird. Bye bye bird. Vati scooped you up, took the remaining nectar and waited patiently for a bird to come by.

The bird wasn’t so scary while being held by your wonderful Vati.

We love you little Lenalionturtlebear.



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