Dear Lena,

You got your shots today. You yelled NO the whole time. It was heartbreaking. Then you smiled at your favorite nurse D and with tears still streaming down your face said Danke. You thanked her. You have no idea how proud of you I was in that moment. Seems irrational, but you are so sweet and kind that even after somebody stabbed you in the leg 3 times you understood that Nurse D was not doing it to be mean, and that made me proud.

You always charm the pants off of everyone you meet, including your favorite Doctor B. She calls you Mauschen and speaks to you in German. You flutter your eyelashes and gracefully point out your Kopf and Augen and Ohren. You love it when she listens to your heart and lungs. You especially love it when she looks in your ears. Ohrey Dotor.

You made it back onto the charts for weight and have rocketed up to nearly the 70% for height! That’s my girl!



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