Dear Lena,

You sure know how to rip a Mutti’s heart right out of her chest then stomp on it for good measure. We woke up this morning bright and early, chattered away about our oatmull at breakfast. Combed our hair, got dressed, put on our people Schuhe and our sweaters and happily ventured to your New Schule. We of course had to bring along your new buddy, Mice. (Note that is a singular buddy but you chose to refer to the mouse as Mice) I thought it was shaping up to be a good start of our first full week. We signed you in to class, opened the door, and BAM. Puddle of melted down Lena goo.

You asked to nurse, many times this helps center you, enough to start your day. So we nursed and you were okay to join your friends at snack after a few minutes. You sat down at the table to eat your yummy Beebo! I took the opportunity to put your diapers in your diaper cubby. This is where the heart stomping took place…I returned to find you silent crying giant tears into your blueberries. I brought your chart to the table to fill out with you, you “helped” me remember when you woke up and what my phone number is.

For your final number…the follow out. Mutti used to teach, I know that in situations such as these it is best to say goodbye once and GO. So I gave you a good kiss, said goodbye see you later, and headed out the door. The glass door. The glass door one can see through. The glass door one such as Mutti can see her tiny little love following with arms reaching and eyes pleading. Don’t gooooooooooo Mutti!!! WAILLLL!” Also…a note to Lena’s new teachers, the glass…also let’s me see that she was left…screaming…by herself…at the door…(Mutti knows this because I had to drop off your milk which forced me to walk past you again, I’ll try and plan that out better tomorrow)

This is so hard Lena-Loo. I’ve never experienced this version of Lena, that isn’t excited by Schule. I know that in time you will adjust, but right now. It is incredibly hard. As for right now, I’ll take that nervous energy and make you your Halloween costume! ROAR!



p.s. I can’t wait until these get long enough for pigtails!

curly q's

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