Your Garden

Dear Lena,

Yesterday was your last day at your Schule, your Garden. You have only cried at drop off a handful of times, and yesterday was one of the hardest. I know you felt the changes happening in your life (new school, Mutti’s skin cancer, preparing for a move) and yesterday marked the biggest change of all. Your Garden has been an amazing place to help you blossom into our little purple loving girl. Your sassy little spirit thrived among your closest little buddies and wonderful Teachers. It was definitely hard to say goodbye. Even though we will be stopping in frequently, it is still very bittersweet.

Today we got to play at your new Schule. You got to meet some of your future baby friends and already clicked with one little lady in particular. I’ve always wanted you to be able to say  “s/he has been my friend since we were in diapers” because I never had that, maybe you will get to build those relationships here. (your new Schule even has kindergarten!)

An end and a beginning. September is shaping up to be a pretty busy month. Busy suits you well though.

Growing up so fast so fast.



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