Dear Lena,

Mutti got some news today. It is only preliminary but it is pretty bad. Stage 2c Melanoma. Skin cancer. It is no death sentence, but it is nothing to be ignored. So you know how Mutti smothered you in Kuessen yesterday in honor of Colette? Now it is time to smother you in Kuessen because there is no way I want any other person to have to be the one to do it. That is my job and I love my job.

I think it looks like a caterpillar. 8 stitches. 8 little stitches. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. Lena dear. Mutti is scared. It’ll be okay though. It’s okay for Mutti’s and Vati’s to be scared.

Sunday we were in Salem visiting with Memaw and Papa and your cousins and Booey and Bobo and TJ too! A’ba and BB were driving you around in the power wheels in the street. You preferred sitting in A’Ba’s lap so BB was at the wheel. Booey and Mutti had sternly reminded A’ba that if you were on his lap he needed to hold on to you with BOTH hands. Tightly. Mutti was in the driveway when I looked over and noticed BB had hopped out to “Get the gas”. Her absence allowed you to shift off of A’Ba’s lap and into a precarious position that put your feet directly on the “button that makes it go!”. Your A’Ba started yelling very loudly, that he has to hold you with TWOHANDSTWOHANDS! The truck jolted itself towards the curb at an alarming rate. Just as it was about to intersect with the lip of a driveway (potentially tipping the balance) A’Ba took charge. He gripped you under your armpit with his arm across your chest and exclaimed that he has to use ONE HAND. With his death grip on you and his other on the steering wheel he ably (and smoothly) steered away from the curb until I could catch up to hoist you up off of the accelerator. He was scared. As scared as any little kid could be. Not only was he scared he was going to get into trouble for letting go with one hand, he was scared that you were going to get hurt, that he was going to get hurt. He didn’t let his fear stop him from doing what he had to do though.

I won’t either.



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