How fragile we are.

Dear Lena,

One of the mom’s from your Schule passed away over the weekend. She was young with a wonderful husband and two young children. We had her young son in the infant room from when he was very little. (He was your teacher Jen’s “little” love). She came in every morning and filled out his chart and kissed him on the head and said goodbye see you later. I cannot wrap my mind around this tragic loss. There is such a balance in all life between fragility and resilience. Most of the time resilience wins, but even in our fragility are we resilient. There is so much beauty in the human condition Lena, we must appreciate it.

I was hit in the face this morning with the thought that we must live with meaning, Lena. It doesn’t have to be a great purpose, we don’t need to win a Nobel to be useful. Some days our definition will be ” Lena [Leh – nuh] noun,verb: happy, joyous RARing when asked what a lion says.” some days our definition will look more like a grey cloud with a sad face. You already have a knack for doing everything to the fullest, but Mutti needs to take a few notes.

In light of this weekends news, you will be absolutely smothered with Kuessen. I will not apologize for it. You and Vati are my life.



I wish nothing but Peace for the Krol Family. It isn’t fair this path they are on, hopefully the outpouring of Love can help buoy them during these darkest days. Colette, you will be missed.

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