So long.

Dear Lena,

It has been a while. I am sorry. You are so busy all the time. Sometimes, like today, you are too busy to take a nap at Schule. Too busy to rest your beautiful little head until of course it’s entirely too late for a nap and you are a ball of angry.

We went to the zoo with Memaw and Papa and the boys last Sunday. You rode the train with Ba and A’ba and Papa. You made new friends on the train and apparently chatted the whole time.

You are now proficient with animal noises, your favorite is “What does a Lion say?” Rarrrrr (Roar)

Your favorite food? Beebo. Beebo! Beebo utti beebo? (Blueberries)

Your favorite color? Peepol! (Purple)

Your favorite word? No (No thank you not right now Mutti.)

My favorite  baby in the world? El-neh-no (Elleanor)

Liebe dich Elneno



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One Response to So long.

  1. Jen says:

    Oh, that previous little face! Beautiful Lena.
    That’s so cute that she has a favorite color already! Mad has a favorite letter: W. Man, oh man, does he want me to write W a lot.
    I miss you guys! We should have a playdate soon.

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