Dear Lena,
I am laying here next to you listening to your little nose whistle as you dream your little baby dreams. I can also hear the tap tap tap of Vati’s foot on the table leg as he plays his computer games with Bobo. My world sometimes seems so small. So precise and predictable. To some this is stiffling, at times I find even myself grasping at open spaces, hoping to expand the edges. Most of the time though I find our little world to be the perfect size. You right next to me; wrapping your fingers around my arm. Vati will eventually retire from his flight and I will have my two favorite people in the world within arms reach. I will never take this for granted. With so much disconnect all around, I hope we are nurturing a little being that values closeness. That thrives not only as an individual, but as part of a family unit and as a member of society not just a person alongside it.

Keep on keepin on. (also, the nose whistle? Totally adorable)
We love you Lenaturtlebear.


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