Lunch…and Rabbits.

Dear Lena,

I was trying to upload a video that Tia Monica took while we were at lunch today, instead it got this picture with the same title. I thought it was creepy because this picture was taken almost exactly a year ago. My have you grown! Please don’t ask Mutti why you were in a box full of packing peanuts. Boredom? Maybe.

I’ll have to figure out how to post that video some other time, this strange coincidence got me thinking…searching…for a picture exactly a year ago….


What a difference a year makes.


Yes, you picked out that headband. You hand them to me and say “this”. You have yourself to blame for the ridiculous and the dent it inevitably puts in your beautiful little head.

I started this planning on posting a video of us at lunch…and we ended up chasing rabbits. Oh well.



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One Response to Lunch…and Rabbits.

  1. Jen says:

    Love the headband! She is so adorable 🙂

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