So many choices.

Dear Lena,

There is a place that we’ll call the VERY hard to get into school (VHTGIS for short) that called Mutti this morning to tell us there is an opening in September. You would think with this news Mutti would be jumping for joy. I am. I am also not on the verge of jumping for joy. Your Schule now is a place that you LOVE. You have teachers you adore and who adore you. You also have a director (and her assistants too) that your Mutti is very close to. The owners of your Schule are also wonderful human beings who have always been very good to our family. Your Mutti knows this Schule. Your Mutti loves this Schule.

You also have a “Tante” C that was a possible “nanny” for you. I put quotes on nanny because well…that word sounds pretentious and you have to have a ton of moolah to be pretentious…but I can’t say babysitter because you are not a baby and babysitter implies a 13 year old kid who watches neighbor children after school. She is your Tante C and we love her and she is amazing and was an option we were looking into.

What is a Mutti to do?

What is that you say? Neindanke.

What? NO

Ohh…that’s right, your new favorite word is no. You are such a toddler.

I love you.



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