The King and The Flight

Dear Lena,

Today was one of those days that make me so incredibly happy to be your mother. We went to see the Lion King at the Keller, it was beautiful. I was worried you’d be antsy and want down, but you sat happily while Simba and Nala and Mufasa and Rafiki and your favorites Timon and Pumbaa pranced around the incredible stage. Your eyes danced as they danced. You sang along gleefully with the chorus. You tried to grab the hair of a guy in front of us because he was snoring….during the LION KING! You were a charmer (even though you were unable to charm your way into the auditorium, stupid rules.)

Afterwards Bobo and Vati made kites and we took them to Stott field to fly them and our little styrofoam plane. We ran around chasing your ball, guided the little airplane on its haphazard flight path, and took off full speed attempting to make twigs and plastic bags take off.

It was in the midst of all of this your Mutti thought to herself how perfect it all was. How making trash fly and chasing a happy baby through a fake field was angenehm comfortable. It was fun…watching two friends who have known each other from before memory laugh at the process and run full tilt into the sun hoping to catch a breeze.

It was beautiful the way your eyes took on the color of the sky.

The way your hair glowed with the red of the sun.

When we all returned home hungry and tired I saw the text on my phone.

Please call me.

What I had assumed was a forgotten shoe or remembered thought turned out to be more. Mutti realized that our evening was perhaps the calm before the storm and now we must rally, because Beauty incarnate needs us… but really because we need Her. You need Her.



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