For Nana

Dear Lena,

We live 3 hours away from your Nana and Papa. This is not a set up I am particularly happy about, but there isn’t much that can be done aside from moving, but then we would be far away from MeMaw and Papa. There is no winning.

Your Nana (and Papa Chuck) love you VERY much. Your Nana also loves to read these letters as a way of keeping in touch with how you are growing because she doesn’t get to see you very often. Your Nana can be very persistent with Mutti if I happen to go too long in between letters. I am sorry Nana. I am sorry to you too Lena, you deserve a happy Nana. 🙂

Today you woke up at 8 am. You rolled over and poked Mutti in the eye and said “BABY?”  You then asked for breakfast. Mi?Mi? MIIIIIHH? You then signed bittebittebitte.cracker?Mi?Bitte? We then got dressed and put your shoes on to go to Schule. Happy happy girl.



(there you go Nana :))

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