Dear Lena,

It’s been a while, I know this. You have been sick. I feel like I say that a lot. Oiy.

1 sure does suit you Lenabear. You are a sprite. A happy little camper and quick as a whip! You’ve recently started blooming in the following directions category. We can ask you to do simple tasks and you usually oblige. I will sit in my chair Mutti, but I will not lift my hands up so you can put the tray on thankyouverymuch. I will sit on my hind end while you hand me that cracker but I will stand up when I eat my cracker.

You love when your Vati gets home but despise when he has to use the restroom. Two minutes is way too long to patiently wait by the gate while he does his business. We now have to spell the word walk and nod our heads in the direction of the park unless we are absolutely certain we are going to do either of those things, lest you melt into a puddle of utter despair of WA? Wa!!! Wa? Let me get my Jacke and shoes for you Mutti so we can go wa!



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