Doctor Doctor!

Dear Lena,

We had your 1 year doctors appointment today. You are of course brilliant, with your block stacking abilities (something you just picked up) and impressive 10-15 word vocabulary and all. You managed to make your way (weigh…hehe) back onto the  charts at a whopping 17 pounds 2 ounces! (2%!). We won’t worry about the fact that your height (29.5 inches) to weight ratio is in the -1 kabillion sphere because all of the words! And walking backwards! And oh the blocks you can stack!!!

After your shots (you are such a trooper) the lovely nurse gave you a sticker with Elmo on it. You have no earthly clue who this red dude is but wow did you love that sticker! I realized that you really have no exposure to the typical “baby”…toddler rather….world. For that I am happy, although I have nothing against sesame street, after all it appears on commercial free networks. There were other stickers in the basket…snow white, cinderella, barbie….ick.



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