Bowl of Lena

Dear Lena,

Vati brought home a giant metal mixing bowl today, he’s making a beauty dish. You LOVE that bowl. We promise to go buy you one of your very own, perhaps for your birthday :). You love to pack things up now. (You are still the unpacker…but you are a little more helpful….a little). You have been known to pack things in your bag for the center, the diaper bag, the trunk of your push car, the cat bed, Vati’s shoe…. and now, the big metal bowl!

Current bowl contents: a birthday card from a toy store, a coupon, and a sample graduation announcement. Current car trunk contents: 1 ball, 1 sock, 1 smallish chunk of Wasa cracker.  It’s always very humorous too when you are collecting things to pack away. If you run out of hands you will carry things in your mouth. Like a dog. Like a very silly dog.

I love you silly Lenaturtlebear.



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