Dear Lena,

You and your puppy are thick as thieves. The first thing you say when we get in the door is “Tu-tay! Tu-tay!” . She tolerates you, but mostly because you don’t skimp on the scraps you feed her.

We spent the weekend playing with your two favorite boys, well three…BoBo was here too. Ba and A’Ba cashed in on one of their Christmas presents, a trip to OMSI! You loved the water tables and playing with the animal magnets. Then you got followed around by a 5 year old that would not stop ripping things out of your hands. GRR.

You very recently started walking more often then crawling. You took a giant leap in the process this weekend with Ba and A’Ba here. You wanted to join in and be just like them, transform Bumblebee, play Star Wars and color fantastic pictures about “no-name super sports stars who own the hall of fame” and “pigeons named Jack that are amazing at all sports but got killed in a train accident”.

An eventful weekend it was. Here’s to a good week-complete with 2 doctors appointments and a bunch of homework.



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