Mr. Golden Sun

Dear Lena,

We went to the zoo today with the D’s. The sun was shining, so of course it took us 3 passes of the crowded parking lot to find a place to squeeze our subaru in. You hadn’t napped all morning but when I told you that we were going to enjoy the sunny weather you cooed and pointed at the sky. Sometimes I wish I could capture the feeling that you pointing at things gives me. Its a direct window into your world. You point at everything but you do it with such gusto and glee and lookMuttioverthereoverhereatthisatthat. I love your joy. I love the way you dance to Single Ladies and request it “Uh Uh OH” on a daily basis. I love that you blow kisses. Except to Versa for some reason…

You loved the meercats. You pounded at the little mammals as they scurried back and forth along the enclosure. You laughed and waved and pointed. They basked in the sun and you basked in their presence. Carefully looking up to catch my eye, do you see them , Mutti?. Peering through the dirty glass to catch their eye, do you see me, meercats?



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