Everything Ends.

Dear Lena,

Your time in the infant room has come to a close. You were officially moved up to the wobbler room today. I miss our routine. I miss filling out your chart and waving bye knowing you were in one of my favorite people’s hands. Your Teacher B loves you so thoroughly Lena bear. It was so comfortable knowing you were with her. She and I became good friends Lena bear, she treated you like her own.  Your other teachers were so sweet to you too, but I am glad you moved up. Some changes happened and I am not comfortable with the room now. That’s another story for another day though. The first drop off was hectic and not how I pictured it, we started in the infant room then you were whisked away to snack in the wobbler room. Tore the band-aid off. You could didn’t mind though, smiled and waved goodbye. Out with the old, in with the new!

You my little tiger are growing up. My newborn is not so new anymore. Oh how I love you.



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