Dear Lena,

Mutti and Vati try very hard to make sure the environment you are raised in is as healthy as possible. At times we fail (you’ve already eaten a nerd…with all of its lovely sugars and artificial flavors) but most of the time I can say we are keeping our standards way way up. Mutti and Vati also take into consideration as part of a healthy environment a healthy mindset too. Teaching you (through action) that you are a world citizen and should act accordingly. There was an argument in my urban housing class today that discrimination is a myth. HA. This is a joke Lena. A not so funny joke. Discrimination is alive and kicking, unfortunately it can be heard in our own family. In the past few months alone I’ve heard things such as “those blacks sure like to argue”, “what you really have to watch out for are Mexican’s crossing the street”, “Indian’s are like that”, just to name a few. Mutti and Vati try very hard to regulate what you are exposed to while trying not to ruffle feathers, because these things were not said by strangers. These were words that came from family, which can make it harder. Racism, classism, sexism, all of these ism’s can be handed down passively. It’s not always in what we do as parents that has the greatest overall effect, but it’s in what we DON’T. Sometimes we ignore because we don’t want to make uncomfortable schisms in conversation. For you my Lena bear though, I will crack those hateful hurtful words right open. You will not be subjected to that mindset. Country racism is still racism. I’m not saying Lena that your parents are perfect or that we do and say everything always PC, I have to remind myself constantly that not all Christians are (insert stereotype). I also have to refrain from calling all Seahawk fans redneck loud mouths and Everett fans bottle tossing thugs.These are things I’m working on Lena. For the good of us all. I’m also not saying that all people who make comments (such as those above) are vicious or mean or deserve a public flogging. If we sit by silently though without comment we have deemed it acceptable to continue in our presence. As adults we know that this is not something we agree with and can inwardly roll our eyes/cringe etcetera, you on the other hand are a parrot averycuteparrot, a sheep averycutesheep, a mimic averyverycutemimic, a sponge averyveryverycutesponge and I do not want you soaking up the wrong ideas. K? MmKay.



p.s. look at those crazy blue eyes!

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