9 in, 9 out badda bing badda boom.

Dear Lena,

I started your nine month letter (nine months already?) a couple of days ago and you decided to up and get a fever on me so I didn’t get very far.  This fever you have is really oh…pneumonia. Please stop marking month milestones with sickness (6 mos=swineflu, 8 mos= muttiappendicitis, 9 mos= PNEUMONIA)

We just got back from the doctor for the third time in 7 days. Last Friday was your 9 month “well baby” (quotes because you weren’t well at all) visit. Dr. Bix was astonished at your skillz. You’ve always been on the early side of normal but steps?! Transferring objects between hands!?! Looking in bottles and trying to get objects out?!?! From the squatting to standing position!??! And Tia Monica will LOVE this…the scrunchy nose face that you love to do, that’s a 12 month skill. Unfortunately you don’t have the skill of growing, that is something we are desperately trying to work at as you only gained 4 ounces in 3 months…So it’s even stranger to see a very petite, bald baby walking around.

After day 6 of no sleep Mutti was beginning to think she was imagining something. I was imagining the severity of  your symptoms. The hoarseness of your voice must be exaggerated. The sunken sullen eyes weren’t really sullen or sunken. I started to think maybe I’m over-reacting, this is just a bad cold, it’ll go away any day now, any hour, any minute. Please? It wouldn’t though. There was something wrong with the way you sat staring at the wall, the way you fell asleep sitting up. Just like with the swine flu you so desperately wanted to be happy that you would force a smile making you both irresistable and well. No sick baby would smile. Sure enough, H1N1 positive, and now, redemption. Mommy instinct was right, instantly your xray revealed a snowy lung. Your Vati and I are so lucky we have such a happy baby, but sometimes my Lena bear, you can be unhappy. Especially if it will get doctors to take your symptoms seriously the first time.

So I’ve officially had you in my arms longer than in my womb today. I must say, as wonderful and easy as my pregnancy was, I much prefer you out here. You make things so very fun and interesting. I love you baby bear. Let’s aim for a month of no more sicknesses! And please, 10 months can pass uneventfully…we don’t need to break a bone or anything.



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