Dear Lena,

You are lucky to have so many cousins! You already have as many as your Mutti has, and I had to wait until I was 13 (ish) to get that fourth! You have Ba (the oldest, formerly known as Cousin C), A’ba (formerly Cousin J), Cousin M, and the newest Cousin CJ (I’m sorry MmGally, but the J needs to be there for distinction, its all about distinction). You have given your boys names and truly use them correctly. Ba is always Ba and A’ba is always A’ba. I wanted to tell you about a moment in time with your cousin A’ba that will forever be imprinted on your dear Mutti’s brain, I spoke of it here.

The summer after your birth was spent in Salem with Ba and A’ba, Mutti got the pleasure of watching your cousins during the week at Memaw and Papa’s house. As tiring as driving to and from Salem every day (we’d leave at 6 am and get home after 6:30 every day) I couldn’t have asked for anything better, we couldn’t have asked for anything better. A’ba is an early riser, always getting up before 8, sometimes getting up even before our arrival. Ba likes to sleep in so we would have mornings with just the three of us. On one particular morning, after A’ba had eaten his breakfast (a cinnamon roll, thank you papa who always made us cinnamon rolls that would be hotandreadyyumyumyum), you were laying on the living room floor together watching some cartoons. Spongebobsquarepantsspongebobsquarepantsspongebooooooooooobsquarepaaaaaaaaaaants. You started to get fussy, flailing your arms (probably all the brain cells mr.squarepants was killing) and kicking your legs wildly. I was just about to go and pick you up when I witnessed the most beautiful act. A’ba, while still engrossed in the plight of Sandy the no longer hibernating squirrel, reached his hand over and placed in gently on your tummy. I watched in awe as your little limbs slowly released their twitches and your hands came to a rest on top of A’ba’s hand. The two of you stayed that way for over 20 minutes and I stayed perched on the couch in disbelief. Part of me wonders if what I witnessed was a child remembering something from 5 years ago, the product of amazing parenting, a gentle soul, or a combination of both. I wish I had a camera to capture that moment, but a camera probably wouldn’t capture the twinkles in the air, the silence of the moment, the palpable display of compassion. I suppose I should just be thankful that I was there to see it with my own eyes. To feel it.



P.S. For a very average sized baby (bordering on below average weight at that time) you had some lovely little rolls!!! I miss those rolls!!!

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