Dear Lena,

Mutti has certainly been slacking as of late. (Sorry Nana!) There is good reason though. As I mentioned in your last letter you have started on this new face paced learning curve and Mutti and Vati are scrambling to keep up with you!  So here is the last couple of weeks a little further in depth.


We spent Thanksgiving in Graham/Puyallup with your MmGally, Uncle Tillman, Masen, Nana, Papa, and Great Grandma Jana. It was an amazing dinner, complete with squash, peas, and your first taste of mashed potatoes! (All dairy free!) We took a family picture…but wow…it was a little Addams family for our taste. CREEPY. 


You’ve been doing a lot of this lately. Not pestering Uncle Carlo, well, maybe that too, but STANDING. You pull yourself up on anything and everything. Sometimes you let go long enough to realize you’ve let go and holy crap I’m not holding onto anything *CRASH*. Incidentally you’ve been falling a lot more. Mutti is getting ulcers. Please stop hitting your head on things, you have a beautiful brain and I’d like for it not to come seeping out of your ears.


I know you’re a little blurry, but that’s what you get for moving all the time. Mutti and Vati had friends over the other night (Auntie Monica, Jerrod, Uncle Gee, and Uncle Lukas)We had an amazing feast and played rock band. You refused to go to sleep because there was WAY too much fun to be had. Fun that included chewing on cords, chewing on drumsticks, and chewing on peoples pant legs. YUM. 


This will be a seperate post, but just in case it takes me 2 months to get to it…Yesterday was St.Nikolaus day, you got 2 books, your Christmas PJ’s, and some yummy peach puffs. Life is good for the Lenaturtlebear. AND you look like you’re wearing a Michael Jackson outfit. FTW.

I love you baby bear, no matter what.



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