Dear Lena,

     First I want to say: Your Mutti had a really rough day today and when Mutti has a rough day you feel it too. I am sorry for ignoring you, for taking my thoughts from you and your goodness to put them elsewhere. You are loved Lenaturtlebear, always know that. 

For our regularly scheduled program I bring you this.

You have a cousin. (You have 3.5 cousins). All are boys, so have fun with THAT when you are older.  Anyway, you have a cousin who is the oldest of the bunch, Cousin C. Sometimes when I see the way he looks at you my heart absolutely melts. Cousin J does it too and you share so many special moments with Cousin J, one in particular that deserves a special letter, but there is something different about the way C looks at you. It’s almost as if he knows your story, he gets you. 

He revels in the fact that you can now climb on him and be fully interactive. When I tried to move you so Cousin J could get in on the action (he loves you too), you cried and looked for C. You are pretty lucky Lena, a lesser cousin would not tolerate fingers to the eyes and nose.

When you were sick (thank you H1N1) this cousin was so afraid you were going to be taken from him he cried himself to sleep (J was worried too, such sweet boys). He prayed his little heart out for you-sending thousands of good thoughts your way, as many as an 8 year old boy could think.  He loves you so much Lena. 

That feeling is mutual. All of these boys are going to be your best friends, they will love you no matter what. Protect them with all of your strength, teach them with all of your wisdom, and love them with all of your heart. They are doing the same for you (Even Cousin M will get there…he’s just a toddler right now, he doesn’t mean anything when he throws things at you, its just how he shares at the moment, right MmGally? 😉 )



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