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Dear Lena,

    You turned 7 months old last Friday. We spent the day at Nana and Papa’s house in Puyallup. You are going to be having a new baby cousin around the beginning of the year and it was MmGally’s baby shower so we were there for the weekend. 

     You love to pull yourself up on things now, you don’t do it extremely frequently, but when you do, you do it with gusto! You have always had such strong legs it honestly doesn’t surprise me how quickly you’ve developed this new skill. You are also now crawling proficiently (although you still revert to the army crawl when you want to get somewhere very quickly). It is quite alarming to me that just a few months ago you limited by where you were placed. You could shimmy and roll around, but your movement was barely controlled, now you move with purpose. Mostly your purpose seems to be going for everything keyboard related. (Mostly Vati’s keyboard) You also like to pull yourself up on your swing, which quickly results in a crash. Nana said when Muti was little I fell on my head so many times she thought for sure I was going to have permanent brain damage. Looks like the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree!

    I love your style Lenabear. Cheerful. It suits you well.



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