enchilada casserole

Dear Lena,

    Mutti is not a chef. I do what I can, but Vati is the cook in our family. I can make your baby food which you generally agree with. I can make pasta! I can make grilled cheese sandwich (which neither of us can eat at the moment). Please don’t ask me to make enchilada casserole again though…I will use 1/4 teaspoon instead of 1 teaspoon and instead of a cup of diced onions I will go ahead and use a cup of MINCED onions. Oh, and because we most omit the cheese and sour cream, I’ll think a little more flour will do the trick. 

photo-9That’s right Lena, you might want to find something else to eat.

photo-8Yes, a block might do the trick. I was going to suggest milk, that’s probably one thing I’m an expert at making, but if you insist



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