The Whole World

Dear Lena,

When you were a newborn (who are we kidding, you were never a newborn) in the hospital your Memaw said you smiled at her. Stupidly I assumed it was just the euphoria of the moment, no newborn I knew smiled because that was a 3 month skill. Fast forward a day and a 6 hour long nursing session, while holding you in my lap I caught the edge of something. It was brief and fleeting, but it was a smile. I refused to believe it at first, newborns don’t smile, she has gas the nurse said. When it happened again and again over the next couple of days it could not be denied, you my Lena Bear smiled. IMG_0246I caught it with my phone on April 16th. This was my proof. Talking about the weather made you smile, Lenabear, like nothing else could. Now you smile about anything and everything. That is usually the first thing people say about you when meeting you

“She is such a happy baby!” they’d exclaim. 

And you are my Lena Bear. You figured out that if you smile…

IMG_0549So too does your world. 



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