Dear Lena,

    We won the lottery. We did. We won the lottery when we got you. I don’t say this lightly, as I’m not inclined to think biology is miraculous, people have babies every day. A long story though that we’ll save for another day, you my darling, are a real miracle. When I was younger I wanted 7 kids, one for every day of the week I’d say. When we got you though…I thought how dare I ask for seven, when we got this one perfectly amazing baby.  photo-5

    Mutti had a doctors appointment today with Linda (the first person to see you, ever, try that one on for size). As we sat in that waiting room, you in your own chair playing with a toy,  I couldn’t help but remember just 6 months before that we sat as one. I miss going there to see our favorite nurse every month, twice a month, then weekly. Then I thought, well, we’ll just have to go ahead and procure you a sibling. Probably not the best reason for Mutti and Vati to have another baby, so that we can see our midwife more frequently, but it was just a thought. 

      Then I had another thought…maybe I want you to have a sibling. Maybe we won the baby lottery once, and if that is the case, then by all means, thank you baby lottery. What if though, what IF. I think you would make an amazing big sister. You are funny, and assertive. You love to give kisses and when nobody is really looking, you like to cuddle with your    What if Cousin C never had Cousin J? What if MmGally never got Mutti? What if Auntie Jos never got Vati? Then there would be no Lena Bear, and that my baby, is a thought Mutti would like to abolish. 

     So maybe for your birthday in 2014, ask for a baby sister/brother. Then we’d have no choice, right?

You’re the best Baby Bear. Ever. 



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2 Responses to Two?

  1. Jennie and Lena,

    We love your blog! This is going to be sooo special to Lena one day.

    We hope you and Lena are feeling better. Take care of yourselves! We are thinking about you guys!

    Shalyn and Mason

  2. Auntie Jos says:

    Ah my little Lenaturtlebear, your Mutti has a wonderful gift for words. They pierce my heart, make me pensive, wonder about the world and how we should treat the people in it. Listen well little bear, and learn from the wonderful teachers that are your parents. You definitely won the parent lottery.

    I love you little one, and agree with your Mutti…you are the jackpot in the baby lottery.
    Love, Auntie Jos

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