A Funny Habit



Dear Lena,

    You do this thing with your thumb where you plant it on something then pivot your hand around it. You do it on Cheerios and pasta, you do it in the pile of Memaw and Papa’s carpet, you are especially fond of doing it on my neck while you nurse. It reminds me (especially when you do this on my neck) to clip your nails, otherwise you end up with snags and rips on those two delicate little thumbs. I wonder how long you will carry this funny little habit around with you, I can imagine you doing it before a spelling test to bring the letters to your pencil H-O-U-S-


    Keep up the cuteness Lena Bear, we adore you. Even when you think Cheerios are sour and keyboards are the coolest things ever.




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One Response to A Funny Habit

  1. Nana says:

    You are so precious in this picture!!

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