Shadow of the Elm

Dear Lena,

    On our way out of the building today, on our way to the bank to cash a check, a group of older people held the gate for us. An older man and woman were looking at buying a condo in our building, just as they spotted us the real estate agent exclaimed “Another example of how special this building is!”. We were that other example, you in your stroller, chewing on your pilot cap string, me clutching my keys. We’ll ignore the fact that the real estate woman also called you “A beautiful boy!”, you’ll get that until you have hair. 


Shadow of the Elm

Shadow of the Elm

    You are a lucky baby. We’ll pretend its lucky to get the swine flu and croup and an ear infection all in one week.You have this as your back yard. (Or front yard) You get to experience the craziness that is the south park blocks. People watching in the suburbs has NOTHING on looking out our window at 10 til the hour weekdays, when students pour onto the streets from buildings, onto pathways, pathways that lead through the heart of your playground. I have visions of you playing hopscotch here, playing tag, playing. Enjoy your backyard Lena Bear, not many babies have granite art installations steps from their door, this is what makes our building special. You make this building special.

Glad you’re feeling better my Elleanor.



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