The Time You Got Swine Flu

Dear Lena,

      Of course you get the flu. Of course you get the flu on your 6 month birthday. You were sick one minute…the next your fever was rapidly climbing and you could not be consoled. Not by nursing, not by swinging, not by anything. You spent your 6 month birthday in the ER of Legacy Emmanuel, with a very red face and a very scared Mutti and Vati. 

     You are coming out of it. You have turned the corner, but that does not ease my fears. I just heard on the news a baby died from complications from H1N1. I know you will be okay. Iknow it, but until that fever leaves your body and you are no longer whimpering in your sleep, I will not be comfortable. 

Take two: we had to go to the ER again shortly after I wrote this. You were laboring to breathe. The new doctor decided you had RSV (bronchiolitis caused by RSV specifically) and sent us home. The kicker is the first doctor never even tested you for the flu, just assumed that’s what you had and wrote out a prescription for Tamiflu (highly rationed) based on that assumption. We got had already started the Tamiflu, and were told to continue the dosage until the tests ruled H1N1 out…luckily we continued the Tamiflu, you did indeed have  Swine Flu. Lucky for that first doctor. Or I would have been demanding a refund for the medication we were giving you for something you didn’t have. 

So today you are doing a little better, not fantastic…but not so scary for the Mutti and Vati. Mutti on the other hand, can now say I got the “IT” illness of 2009. Thank you for sharing it with me Lena, I appreciate it.



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