point five

Dear Lena, 

  Today, you are half a year old. 6 months. I can’t believe it. I can never believe it. You crawl/scoot now. We can’t just leave you on the floor anymore without doing a thorough scan of your surroundings. Some times we aren’t so thorough (Vati) and you decide chewing on airsoft pellets is a GOOD idea. 

       You’ve tried some foods now, but don’t eat on a regular basis. We have learned though that you despise apples but LOVE peas. Interesting. Very interesting 🙂

     You started school (daycare) this month. You made it very easy to drop you off, chatting with your friends, smiling at everyone. You don’t like to nap very long there, but you aren’t fussy. You just don’t want to lose an opportunity to chew on an alligator or slobber on a frog!

      You are asleep in your swing right now. You have a fever of 102.2. You’ve been battling it all day. And yet, you smiled at the lady in Safeway when she said you were so beautiful. I said she’s not feeling too well, to which you replied by kicking your legs and flailing your arms…happy. Happy and yet so sick. 

I love you my Lena-Bear. Happy half birthday sweet girl. 


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